How to Improve Communication Skills in 30 Days: Sudhakar’s Journey with BAP

Updated: Sep 21

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

- John Powell

Communication is the most important skill in the 21st century and regardless of what you do and who you are and where you are, you are expected to have good communication skills if you want to grow in your career. That is why you have to focus on Improving your Communication skills.

Let's go back to that one time that you had to give a presentation, talk to an audience, speak on a stage, talk to strangers or even shoot a small video through your camera.

If you can still remember how scared you were or how nervous you were you will relate to the story of Sudhakar Joshi.

Sudhakar Joshi is a Copywriter who writes sales pages for Life coaches and Fitness coaches.

You can find his website here and learn more about him.

Writing sales copies for coaches is a skill and getting them as your clients is even a harder skill to master. Something that can only be achieved with help of the right communication.

However, things were not always great for Sudhakar.

Let's read about Sudhakar's journey of Improvement from struggle to success and learn how to improve and be better at communication.

Along the way, you will learn

  1. How Sudhakar started his journey

  2. How he was struggling with communication

  3. How one Challenge changed all of that

  4. One advice that will change everything for you

Success is a sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”- Robert collier

Sudhakar Joshi- Engineer turned Copywriter

“When I started my journey I was lost.”

Sudhakar Joshi, a mechanical engineer who wants to do something more in his life.

“Initially I was very confused. I didn't know what I wanted to do. When I Joined the Copywriting Program Under Business Acceleration program, I got a lot of exposure and eventually realized that I wanted to write and create ads. I had a real aptitude for it.
So I started my journey to build a Personal Brand as a Copywriter and a freelancer. I wanted to get clients and grow my brand.
The problem was that I was under-confident and scared. I also wasn’t very fluent.”

If you want to build your personal brand in this fast-paced world, the one thing you definitely need is the ability to communicate with people.

Now Sudhakar had this huge Mountain to Climb.

Journey with Business Acceleration Program

Improving your communication skills is not just about tactics but also confidence.

“Confidence can only be developed over time. So I needed to continuously practice speaking and communicating.
Communication Masterclass helped me in this. With all the Live sessions, group discussions, Fun communication games, learning about breath control and most importantly learning how to structure my thoughts to speak fluently.”

Mastering skills like breath control, fluency, Listening as just one part of improving your communication skills. The other part was that he had to develop confidence.

I used to have these 1:1 sessions with Kshitij Sir where he would guide me as to where I was going wrong. However, I needed to be consistent with my practice. I was having a lot of trouble with that because I was scared to even talk to people.
This is when Kshitij Sir and I decided that I should do a 30 Days video challenge.
During the challenge, he will guide me and I will get practice.

Since Sudhakar was under-confident he was unable to commit himself.

However, starting this 30 days Challenge was the master move. The idea was to post one video every day on Instagram talking about anything.

Adding this factor of Social accountability changed everything.

When you make a commitment in front of people, the stakes get higher and this forces you to follow through with the task.

So after making the decision, it was time for Execution.

30-day Video Challenge

“When I started with the 30 Days video Challenge, initially It took me 2 hours to record a single 2-minute video”

We all know this feeling. Being scared of speaking in front of the camera or even people. Being scared of speaking something wrong and getting embarrassed.

But growth can only be achieved if you have the courage to do what you are scared of.

So Sudhakar took the plunge and committed himself to improve his communication skills.

For the next 30 days, he would create one video every day on any topic, post it on Instagram and get feedback on them.

You can check out the Whole30 Days Challenge here.

“Those 30 days were a period of Immense Growth”
While I was working on the challenge I would have these sessions with Kshitij Sir where he would daily tell me where I could improve and how I can be better. He wou