How to find the Right Mentor to Accelerate your Growth

Whom You learn from is more important than What you learn. -Dan Lok

Finding a mentor opens a world of opportunities. No matter what you want to do, if you have someone who can guide you, someone, who knows what it takes to do it and has done it.

It can change everything.

A mentor not only gives you knowledge but they give you insights that can only be gained by experience. They can motivate you when you are down and give you access to a network you never could imagine.

You can rely on them for unbiased opinions and even when they point out your faults, you know they want the best for you, that they are trying to make you better. They pat your back when you finally achieve your goals and help you get disciplined for life.

Finding a mentor is the best thing you can do for your career. However, what is more, important is that you find the right mentor for yourself.

The question is how do you do that?

Let’s dive in and learn about finding the mentor for yourself. Read till the end where we will also talk about how to maintain a nurturing relationship with them.

How to Find a Mentor?

Develop the right mindset

We can start by telling you how to find a mentor, but nothing will mean anything if you don’t have the right mindset and are not aligned.

So before we can go into “How to Find a Mentor”, let's understand one thing.

You can get the best mentor in the world but it will amount to nothing if you are not ready to be mentored. So how do you get ready?

Be ready to learn and accept your mistakes.

Understanding one fact- You are not working with your mentor to boost your ego. So when your Mentor shows you your mistake, you don’t get defensive. You accept it and improve.

Now that we have established that, let's move to how to find a mentor.

1. Analyze your Goals and set Expectations

Before you can go out to find a mentor, you need to be clear about what you want. Do you want to start a Freelancing career? Do you want to build a Business? Do you want to accelerate your job?

What is it that you want to achieve?

Have a Clear Goal for yourself and a clear expectation of what you want out of the mentorship.

2. Start Networking

You will not find a mentor sitting in your bed and binge-watching any Netflix series.

If you want to find a mentor you need to get out there and start networking with people who have the same goals and aspirations as you.

Start attending seminars, live events, meetings, conferences to start meeting people. Stop following influencers and gasping at the amazing lives they have and start following people who inspire you to get the life you want to have.

Why you should start Networking Right Now

Join groups and communities with people who have goals like you.

Speaking Of which you can join this FREE Telegram group, where people who are just like you ( people who want to accelerate their career ) come together and grow daily.

The point is to find the right mentor you need to be in the right network.

Quote by Tim Sanders: “Your network is your net worth.”

3. Experience your Mentors before you approach

Once you start networking you will be exposed to a lot of people who can be your potential mentor. There are so many successful people all around you.

But How can you make sure that your mentor is right for you?

When Dan Lok was asked the same question, he replied “ You can’t! ”

The thing is if you don't get the right mentor you can always step back.

But don’t let this doubt stop your progress.

There is one way to make sure if a mentor is right for you.

Experience them before you approach them.

What you want to do is make sure that your mentor has achieved the same goals as you have. You have to make sure that your personality matches that of your mentor. There has to be a certain alignment between you and your mentor.

But who do you experience your mentor even before they become your mentor?

Join a community where they frequently show up.

We mentioned a Free Telegram group by the Unhu school of execution. That group is not just a networking group. That is also a community where Kshitij Doval guides the mentees. With frequent meetups and content delivered by him, the community members can experience him.

Similarly, you can approach any community and find a mentor who contributes to it frequently.

You can also follow them on social media and see what their personality is like.

4. Before you Ask, Provide them Value First.

Why should they help you?

What is it that you can give them?

A mentor doesn’t need you.

This is a small story of how Dan Lok developed a relationship with his mentor.

When Dan Lok was 20 years old, he was attending a series of workshops and seminars. Drawing one such seminar he happened to sit beside a man named Alan Jacques. Dan had been following Alan for quite some time but this was the first time he actually met him. He wanted to learn from Alan and wanted Alan to mentor him personally.

“You can’t just expect someone to mentor you, just because they are successful. that is selfish. You have to invest in them” - Dan Lok

The first thing Dan Lok did was offer Alan Jacques a lunch which was the first point of their relationship. After that Dan started working for Alan and continued to do so for more than a year for minimum pay.

“When you’re successful, people come to you for two things: either they come to you for money or they come to you for a job. You don’t want to go to your mentors for either of these two things. They’ll categorize you as someone who just wants something from them, such as money.
With Alan, I just wanted to learn and do anything I could to help. Over time he gave me more and more responsibilities. His trust in me increased over the years.”- Dan Lok

5. Be prepared for the Journey Ahead

Working with a mentor can be a rocky journey and it won't always be sweet and spice and everything nice. You will not be successful on the very first day and you will be pushed beyond limits.

This is the job of your mentor: To push you out of your comfort zone and shove you in the zone where growth happens, and that will not be pretty.

You have to be prepared for this.

Another important thing is you need to be a Self-learner. You need to have the will and drive to learn by yourself. It’s not your mentor’s job to spoon-feed you the information. They will tell you how to use the information (which is the difficult part), but you have to learn on your own.

What to do after you have found the Mentor?

A lot of people talk about how to find the right mentor, but how to maintain a relationship with a mentor is more important.

A Mentor-Mentee relationship is based on trust, just like any other relationship. So just like any other relationship, there should be a clear cut path for communication. You have to be open with your mentor about your goals and make sure that communication is seamless. Be in regular contact with them and grab any opportunity to interact with them.

You also have to trust the process.

“When you find that ideal mentor, just go all in. Don’t jump from learning a little from one mentor, then a little from the next. You’ll never see good results.”- Dan Lok

Finding a good mentor is the best thing that can happen to you if you are trying to build a legacy, a business, a Career or a name for yourself. So don’t just sit idle and start networking right now.

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