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Master the Art of Closing

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2nd March 2022


9pm IST

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1 hour

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  • Not being able to land clients and build connections

  • Struggling with marketing your business

  • Finding it hard to make attractive content



  • Working with your dream clients

  • Letting your marketing work for you and leads pouring in

  • Easily producing content that people love

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1 Hour Online Power-packed Workshop via Zoom

This is not an online pre-recorded course. It’s a live workshop wherein you will practice this art of closing live with me along with 500 more students.

Land High Ticket Clients without compromising on your Value

The program will show you all the insider hacks that professional freelancers, successful entrepreneurs, and closers use to land high-ticket clients. From this, you can land clients that are in your niche without compromising the value of your services or products.


1 Hour Online Power-packed Workshop via Zoom

1. The secret to closing clients without feeling humiliated.

In this workshop, I will provide a worksheet along with a script that has helped me close over 50 high ticket clients.

2. In this workshop, I will provide a worksheet along with a script that has helped me close over 50 high ticket clients.

Trust is one of the most common objections that most closers face and even the top 10% find it challenging to deal with it. In this workshop, you will learn how can you win that trust easily.

3. Handling objections like a boss.

Learn how to handle objections and close deals on your terms.

4. How can I charge a higher retainer from the client, despite my competition charging lower than me?

Forget competition. The techniques that you will learn in the workshop will help you land high ticket clients on a retainer basis without compromising on the value of your services.


Finding clients from Home

I will also uncover all the ways in which you can get the contact details of founders of famous brands and how can you reach out to them such that you will get a positive reply.

The Art of Asking Critical Questions:

Closing is all about asking the right questions. If you ask them critical questions, they will have no choice but to answer their main challenges. In this session, I will teach you what are the main challenges that founders face and how can you uncover them.

Here’s everything you’ll get in the Workshop for Free!”

Win the Game of Power:

I will share the top-secret hack that I use to win the game of power in that conversation, because of which closing the deal becomes a mere formality for me.

Setup Follow up Systems:

Following up with your clients is very crucial. I will teach you how to follow up with the clients once you have closed the deal.

Hurry! Grab the deal today!

Hurry! Grab the deal today!

Who Am I? Why Learn from Me?

Okay, fair enough. There are several self proclaimed "Gurus" in the market and trust me, it's more annoying for us more than anybody. Here's a bit about me:

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A session with the students of Amity School of Interior Design, where we discussed about innovation in Interior Design and prepped them to reduce mistakes while starting up their own businesses.

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A chat with Mr Samir Jasuja, Founder & CEO of PropEquity.

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A session in Pondicherry university. The energy of the students & the friendly bond shared by the teachers and students was unparalleled.

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Dinner with Mr Kamal Bali, Managing Director of Volvo.

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With the students of RV Institute of Management at NATCON 2019.


It was an honour to host the longest-serving Chief Minister in India Mr Pawan Kumar Chamling Ex-CM of Sikkim. Had a wonderful talk about Health, Education, AI and Online Businesses.

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Session at Shangri la eros New Delhi

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It was wonderful interaction with Ex-cricketer Mr Ajay Sharma.

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Talk about Entrepreneurship and the need for upskillment in India with the Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari

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Meeting with Srikanth Kodeboyina the Founder & CEO of Blue Eye Soft about the vision of USISS and BlueSpace.

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Citation award for "Best in business acumen and awareness" and "Excellence in Debate" award.

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Keynote speaker at GLRC event at Amity University, Noida.

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A session with the students of Amity Business School on "The Art of Sales, Negotiation, Persuasion and Closing".

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A session on the importance of Full Stack Developers and its career scope at Amity University, Greater Noida.

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A meeting with Rajat Kapur, Managing Director BrentWood Hotels.

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Networking with the Amity Innovation Incubator Family, Amity University Noida.

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Presentation at Kent Ro systems Ltd.

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At the first I-Yuva Foundation meetup, we discussed the core problems of homemakers in Delhi and empowered them to start their own businesses or build their careers.


Doval talk with Shreya Pattar, clearing doubts of many fresher copywriter


Having dinner with the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Pushkar Singh Dhami.  Discussed about creating a silicon valley in Uttarakhand by creating 13 business regiments, leading to 10,000+ successful businesses; creating 1,00,000+ jobs in the state.

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Attending the 38th national conference, NATCON at the National Institute of Personal Management Bangalore.


FICCI FLO recognition to sales for brand(now known as Doval Enterprises).

Well, as the Founder & CEO of Sales for Brands, Founder of Unhu School of Execution and Managing Director of Doval Enterprises:

👉 Written over 2,500+ Copies

👉 Over 700+ Copywriting & Growth Hacking Students 

👉 Chief Speaker at FICCI FLO Uttarakhand Chapter, addressing a crowd of over 400+ Entrepreneurs. 

👉 Chief Speaker at the 40th All India Public Relations Conference, 2019 and shared the stage with the Chief Minister, Finance Minister & Tourism Minister of Uttarakhand. 

👉 I've worked with 120+ London Business School students on Rural Entrepreneurship in India. 

👉 I've been awarded with Best in Business Acumen by Amity University.

👉 Featured in amongst 87 Top Ranked Copywriting Social Media Influencers [Rank #13]

👉 My students come from all across India to learn Copywriting, Growth Hacking, Training & Public Speaking. 

👉 I've been awarded with Best in Entrepreneur Abilities by the CEO of Luxor Group, along with a cheque ₹51,000

👉 Created over 750+ Videos to accelerate Careers & Entrepreneurs.

👉 I've spoken in various National & International Events across India. 

👉 Shared the stage as a Chief Speaker at NATCON, 2019; addressing over 1,000+ crowd comprising of CHROs, Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs. 

👉 Shared the stage as a Chief Speaker with the Managing Director of Volvo, Vice Chairman of Tata Group, Managing Director of Titan & many other industry behemoths. 

👉 Chief Guest at several universities including IP University, Amity University, Pondicherry University, 91 Springboard, Innov8, JIMS & many others. 

👉 Featured in Dainik Jagran & FICCI

👉I’ve helped in accelerating over 30,000+ students’ careers.  

What People Are Saying


I heard Kshitij at NATCON event and he is very good and very articulate with good content & super delivery. Keep it up Kshitij!

Kamal Bali
Managing Director of Volvo