Want to Accelerate your Career by improving your Communication Skills at an Impossibly Affordable Fee of ₹3̶,̶9̶9̶9̶ ₹999?



Look carefully at this image. Yes, you’re right! Communicating with humans is VERY DIFFICULT! But with my help, it will be a piece of cake for you!

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll be receiving for a One Time Fee of ₹999!

I Dare you to find something even remotely close to this Program anywhere on the Internet!


Even if MS Dhoni comes and teaches you cricket theoretically and you never practically play it, do you think you can be a great cricketer? No, right? 

It’s that simple. Practice makes perfect. Surround yourself with people and practice without judgements. 

Every Monday from 9:30-10:30 pm, we conduct Group Mock Sessions to enhance our communication skills!

Here are some of the Topics we’ve already covered:

  • Group Discussions - Love vs Arranged Marriage - which is better?, Should Non Veg be banned?, Should there be Capital Punishment for Rapists?

  • Drawing Room Chats - New Education Policy 2020

  • Networking the Right Way

And this goes on for the rest of your life! Crazy, isn’t it? This means that you would have my constant support till you reach your Goal of Effective and Efficient Communication!


An interactive course course curriculum to make Communication a CAKE WALK FOR YOU

Here are some of the many topics I have covered in the Online Course:

  • Breath and Accent Control

  • Power Words

  • Body Gestures

  • The Art of Storytelling

  • The Game of Power

  • Critical Questioning

  • Crushing Group Discussions and Personal interviews

  • Negotiating a Higher Salary

  • Overpowering Nervousness and Cold Feet

  • Content Flow Secret

  • The subtle art of Networking

  • Video Sales Masterclass

  • Sales, Persuasion, Negotiation & Closing Masterclass


The 7 Daily Assignments given to you are not Hypothetical or Theoretical. They are real time Assignments which will help you boost your confidence and interactive skills!

Here. Why don't you have a look at some of my students' assignments yourself?


Be surrounded by a Professional Network of Like Minded Individuals, who will give you Regular Feedbacks & Push you to your Limits! We also run regular Quizzes on Telegram, share our Assignments on the Facebook Group and work together on Group Projects.

5. Live Face to Face Conversations

Some issues need a personal customised solution. So, every Sunday from 10-11pm IST, I get on an Instagram Live with my Students. If you have an issue related to an assignment, personal or professional; I take it up as my duty to fix it for you. 


Receive a ‘Certificate of completion’ on completing the Online Course!

You can also receive a ‘Certificate of Appreciation on Exemplary Performance’ on completing all the assignments given to you along with a commendable performance!

Still Confused? Don't Believe Me? Here, listen to what my Students have to say...​

Still Confused? Don't Believe Me? Here, listen to what my Students have to say...

Who Am I? Why Learn from Me?

Okay, fair enough. There are several self proclaimed "Gurus" in the market and trust me, it's more annoying for us more than anybody. Here's a bit about me:

Well, as the Founder & CEO of Sales for Brands, Founder of Unhu School of Execution and Managing Director of Doval Enterprises:

👉 Written over 1,500+ Copies

👉 Over 600+ Copywriting Students in 2months!

👉 Chief Speaker at FICCI FLO Uttarakhand Chapter, addressing a crowd of over 400+ Entrepreneurs. 

👉 Chief Speaker at the 40th All India Public Relations Conference, 2019 and shared the stage with the Chief Minister, Finance Minister & Tourism Minister of Uttarakhand. 

👉 I've worked with 120+ London Business School students on Rural Entrepreneurship in India. 

👉 I've been awarded with Best in Business Acumen by Amity University.

👉 Featured in Influence.co amongst 87 Top Ranked Copywriting Social Media Influencers [Rank #13]

👉 My students come from all across India to learn Copywriting, Growth Hacking, Training & Public Speaking. 

👉 I've been awarded with Best in Entrepreneur Abilities by the CEO of Luxor Group, along with a cheque ₹51,000

👉 Created over 750+ Videos to accelerate Careers & Entrepreneurs.

👉 I've spoken in various National & International Events across India. 

👉 Shared the stage as a Chief Speaker at NATCON, 2019; addressing over 1,000+ crowd comprising of CHROs, Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs. 

👉 Shared the stage as a Chief Speaker with the Managing Director of Volvo, Vice Chairman of Tata Group, Managing Director of Titan & many other industry behemoths. 

👉 Chief Guest at several universities including IP University, Amity University, Pondicherry University, 91 Springboard, Innov8, JIMS & many others. 

👉 Featured in Dainik Jagran & FICCI

👉 I've helped in accelerating over 15,000+ student's careers.  

Well, as the Founder & CEO of Sales for Brands, Founder of Unhu School of Execution and Managing Director of Doval Enterprises:

I've realised that most people try to save their money, not because it's out of their budget; but because they're uncertain if they'll get a return on their investment.

We spend over 3 Lakhs per year or sometimes per semester in College Fee, buy impulsively if we see some nice Clothes, Food or even Gadgets but when it comes to Books or things that actually put back money in our Pocket, we think a 100 times.

If you're here by now, I presume you're as Skeptical as me. Even I did not invest in any Online Course and said to myself, "I can search on YouTube and Google and get all this Information for Free"

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.

2yrs back, when I had that mindset; I burnt over 10L+ and wasted 1 important year of my life doing trials and errors.

I would start using Google & YouTube but how do I know what to search? I started losing motivation over a period of time.

That's where I invested ₹8,000/month on a program. And after 3 months, I launched my first ad campaign...

Invested ₹1,500 on Facebook Ads and made over ₹1,50,000 in the very first month. I reinvested more money and that's how I reached where I am today.

I do not want you to spend ₹8,000/month. All I'm asking for is ₹999 for a Lifetime of Value. Think about it. What's the worst that can happen?

Why am I charging such a small Fee? It doesn't add up.
Because my mission in life is to Accelerate 1,00,000 Careers & Businesses by 2022 and in order to do that, I cannot charge you ₹40,000+ like other Mentors out there. My strategy is to get little amounts but from a huge number of people to impact maximum lives; rather than charging a huge sum but impacting lesser lives.

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