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Clients I've Worked with...

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Structure of the Program

Practical Execution of Skills at its Best!

Month 1

Learning High Income Skills

Month 2

Creating Assets & Systems

Month 3

Testing Phase

Month 4

Getting Regular Online Revenues

1. Weekly Monday Live Communication Masterclass (1hr)

2. Weekly Tuesday Live Business Coaching (2hrs)

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​3. Weekly Thursday Live Copywriting & Growth Hacking Class (1hr)

4.Weekly Sunday Instagram Live Q&As (1hr)

5. Daily (1 on 1) Live Consultation Sessions - (15mins) [Monday - Saturday]


6. Eight Certifications

White Belt - Completion of Course
Yellow Belt - Completion of all assignments under the Yellow Belt Section with Grade "A" or above
Green Belt - Completion of all assignments under the Green Belt Section with Grade "A" or above
Blue Belt - Completion of all assignments under the Blue Belt Section with Grade "A" or above
Red Belt - Landing your first 3 Clients
Black Belt - Earning 1,00,000 INR/month

Receive a ‘Certificate of completion’ on completing the Online Course!

You can also receive a ‘Certificate of Appreciation on Exemplary Performance’ on completing all the assignments given to you along with a commendable performance!

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Private Facebook Group

Assignment Submissions, Feedbacks & Networking


Private Telegram Group

Networking & Instant Notifications



Project Management Software



Task Planning Software

Time Required: 1-2 hours/day at night between 9-11 pm IST.

Course Curriculum

What all will we cover over the next 4 months?

Mastering Copywriting

  • Brilliant Examples of Copywriting

  • Questions you need to ask Customers

  • The Headline Formula

  • The Art of Creating Irresistible Offers

  • Understanding Sales Funnels

  • Storytelling Formula to Sell literally anything!

  • Written Sales Copy

  • Graphic Copy

  • Video Sales Copy

  • Email Copy

  • Facebook, Instagram & Google Ad Copy

  • Copywriting Landing Pages & Websites

  • Getting your first Copywriting Client

  • Getting Foreign Clients using LinkedIn


Mastering Growth Hacking

  • Branding your own Agency/Freelance

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

  • Instagram Optimisation

  • Building your own Resume & Work Portfolio

  • Instagram Optimisation 2.0

  • Ultimate Content Workbook 

  • Types of Business Models to Make Money

  • Creating your Website & Blog

  • ClickFunnels

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Webinar Funnels

  • Finding Emails of Potential Clients for Free [BONUS SOMETHING]

  • Email Marketing

  • Presentations that'll help Close Client Deals

  • Best way to use Trello - A project management tool


Communication Masterclass

  • Breath and Accent Control

  • Power Words

  • Body Gestures

  • The Art of Storytelling

  • The Game of Power

  • Critical Questioning

  • Crushing Group Discussions and Personal interviews

  • Negotiating a Higher Salary

  • Overpowering Nervousness and Cold Feet

  • Content Flow Secret

  • The subtle art of Networking


High Ticket Closing

  • First Impression

  • Video Sales Masterclass

  • Sales 101

  • Influence & Persuasion

  • Negotiating Deals

  • Sales Call Script that Converts

  • Critical Questioning

  • Handling Objections

  • Getting the Conversation Going

  • Importance of Personal Touch

  • Follow Ups


Personal Branding Masterclass

  • The power of Content

  • How to get never ending Content Ideas?

  • Change of Environment

  • Free Tools that come in handy

  • Branding on Instagram

  • Branding on LinkedIn

  • Branding on YouTube

  • Content Scheduling 3 months in advance

  • Community Building & Engagements

  • Emailing is Key


Business Coaching Roadmap to 12 LPA

  • Business Mindset

  • Identifying the Problem & Vision Gap

  • Pre Sales through Problem Verification

  • Team Formation

  • Solution & Value Proposition

  • Designing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Proof of Concept (POC)

  • Getting Regular Customers - Online

  • Pivots & Comeback

  • Scaling up for Investment


Say Goodbye To Boring Assignments!


The Weekly Assignments given to you are not theoretical or hypothetical. They all will be implemented to add to your own Portfolio/Resume. 

Here, check out some of my Student's Assignments:

Still Confused? Don't Believe Me? Here, Look at what my Students have to say...

Video Testimonials of Students

Who Am I? Why Learn from Me?

Okay, fair enough. There are several self proclaimed "Gurus" in the market and trust me, it's more annoying for us more than anybody. Here's a bit about me:


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Well, as the Founder & CEO of Sales for Brands, Founder of Unhu School of Execution and Managing Director of Doval Enterprises:

👉 Written over 2,500+ Copies

👉 Over 700+ Copywriting & Growth Hacking Students 

👉 Chief Speaker at FICCI FLO Uttarakhand Chapter, addressing a crowd of over 400+ Entrepreneurs. 

👉 Chief Speaker at the 40th All India Public Relations Conference, 2019 and shared the stage with the Chief Minister, Finance Minister & Tourism Minister of Uttarakhand. 

👉 I've worked with 120+ London Business School students on Rural Entrepreneurship in India. 

👉 I've been awarded with Best in Business Acumen by Amity University.

👉 Featured in amongst 87 Top Ranked Copywriting Social Media Influencers [Rank #13]

👉 My students come from all across India to learn Copywriting, Growth Hacking, Training & Public Speaking. 

👉 I've been awarded with Best in Entrepreneur Abilities by the CEO of Luxor Group, along with a cheque ₹51,000

👉 Created over 750+ Videos to accelerate Careers & Entrepreneurs.

👉 I've spoken in various National & International Events across India. 

👉 Shared the stage as a Chief Speaker at NATCON, 2019; addressing over 1,000+ crowd comprising of CHROs, Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs. 

👉 Shared the stage as a Chief Speaker with the Managing Director of Volvo, Vice Chairman of Tata Group, Managing Director of Titan & many other industry behemoths. 

👉 Chief Guest at several universities including IP University, Amity University, Pondicherry University, 91 Springboard, Innov8, JIMS & many others. 

👉 Featured in Dainik Jagran & FICCI

👉 I've helped in accelerating over 15,000+ student's careers.  

Let my Student's Results Speak for itself