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Why Charge ₹99? Isn't it too Ridiculous? Well, I could have made it Free but I need serious people to attend. Simple.

Clients I've Worked With...

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Join me at 3 pm this Sunday for the Live Workshop

What will be covered in the 2hr Workshop?

  1. Copywriting vs Content Writing

  2. Future in Copywriting

  3. How much money does a Copywriter make?

  4. What Skills do you need in Copywriting?

  5. Everything you need to know about SEO as a beginner [FREE TOOLS SHARED]

  6. Hashtags to optimise your Instagram

  7. LinkedIn Optimisation

  8. Entire Blueprint of Cold Email Copy Strategy that helped me land 3 clients when I was at the beginning.

  9. How to fetch Emails for Free?

  10. Career Acceleration Program Intro

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Hmm..But is this even for me?


This is for YOU if you wish to Accelerate your Career & fetch a higher Salary Package or Accelerate your Business/Freelance by getting more High Ticket Clients!

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But Who am I? Why Learn from Me?

Okay, fair enough. There are several self proclaimed "Gurus" in the market and trust me, it's more annoying for us more than anybody. Here's a bit about me:

Well, as the Founder & CEO of Sales for Brands, Founder of Unhu School of Execution and Managing Director of Doval Enterprises:

 👉Written over 1,500+ Copies

 👉Over 600+ Copywriting Students in 2months!

 👉Chief Speaker at FICCI FLO Uttarakhand Chapter, addressing a crowd of over 400+ Entrepreneurs. 

 👉Chief Speaker at the 40th All India Public Relations Conference, 2019 and shared the stage with the Chief Minister, Finance Minister & Tourism Minister of Uttarakhand. 

 👉I’ve worked with 120+ London Business School students on Rural Entrepreneurship in India. 

 👉I’ve been awarded with Best in Business Acumen by Amity University.

 👉Featured in amongst 87 Top Ranked Copywriting Social Media Influencers [Rank #13]

 👉My students come from all across India to learn Copywriting, Growth Hacking, Training & Public Speaking. 

 👉I’ve been awarded with Best in Entrepreneur Abilities by the CEO of Luxor Group, along with a cheque ₹51,000

 👉Created over 750+ Videos to accelerate Careers & Entrepreneurs.

 👉I’ve spoken in various National & International Events across India. 

 👉Shared the stage as a Chief Speaker at NATCON, 2019; addressing over 1,000+ crowd comprising of CHROs, Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs. 

👉Shared the stage as a Chief Speaker with the Managing Director of Volvo, Vice Chairman of Tata Group,Managing Director of Titan & many other industry behemoths. 

👉Chief Guest at several universities including IP University, Amity University, Pondicherry University, 91 Springboard, Innov8, JIMS & many others. 

👉Featured in Dainik Jagran & FICCI

👉I’ve helped in accelerating over 15,000+ student’s careers.  

Aaaaaaand....I just turned 26! If I can, why can't you? Because I am closer to your age, I think I'll be able to help you even better.

As Promised, here are my 2 Online Courses, worth ₹998/- that I am giving you for FREE as my Gift, once you enrol for the Workshop!